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Our collection of online training, weekly insight, and virtual communities will inspire and equip you to learn, lead, and elevate your people leadership and HR skills - no matter where you are in your professional journey. Employee Engagement, Workforce Training, HR Technology, Communication and Communication Development, and SCRUM/Agile Project Management are just a few of the areas where we will assist you.

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Become a leader worth following. Learn at your own pace with our growing HR and People Leadership resources catalogue. What you learn are ways to handle the growing HR needs of your business, delegating HR tasks to others so that you can focus on your strengths, and attacking HR challenges head-on with the support of your HR team and not putting them away.


Expert Insight

Follow Jumpstart: HR, LLC CEO Joey Price and Lead HR Consultant Sommer Ketron on our weekly Small Business HR Podcast called While We Were Working. You will get access to expertise from HR and Project Management Professionals having 35 years of experience in the HR Industry and Project Management discipline, with a track record of assisting businesses of all sizes attract, retain, and lead the best talent for their needs.


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Join our growing network of business leaders who believe that empowered people empower great organizations. Our members are leaders in Government Agencies, Government Contracting, Small Business Ownership, and Human Resources. Join a community today.


The Top Seven Skills That Drive Employee Engagement

Have you wanted to become more influential at work but don't know where to start? Download our free resource entitled "The Top Seven Skills That Drive Employee Engagement today for free," with which you can lead and develop your team on the path to healthy workplace culture and predictable employee success.

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Tis The Season For Improving Your HR Effectiveness

Are you looking for expert advice on how to tackle some of your most pressing HR challenges? If you don't have an HR department, it can be tricky attempting to improve workplace culture without knowing where to start. This mini-course (less than an hour) will help you get vision, direction, and strategy for how to improve HR in your organization - even if you don't have an HR department!

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Whether you are a student, professional, manager, or executive, we have a community for you. Our community members believe that the path to success in business is found in effective workplace culture. With the help of our community, you can strengthen your personal brand, eliminate needless organizational risk, increase operational effectiveness, and effectively manage people operations.

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