Why Your Small Business HR Team Needs a Chief Listening Officer

business online branding chief listening officer online branding Mar 02, 2022

This week, Joey and Sommer discuss a CNBC article called "Chief Listening Officer, The Must-Have Position for Every Organization in 2022.'

In summary, the article states that organizations must have their online activity on top of mind when thinking about retaining or losing top talent.

The article also asserts that companies need to monitor their online activity proactively and empower their team members to use social media positively.

Managing complicated and messy employee posts on social media is something that companies tend to steer away from. But, wouldn't it be more beneficial for companies to coach their employees on what they believe positive use looks like?

Hiring a Chief Listening Officer can help your small business HR team address all of these challenges - acting proactively and fostering positive use. Because essentially, if you're being reactive, you're already losing the race.

Moreover, a Chief Listening Officer can also help you find ways to include your team members in creating content - not only by responding to negative feedback (while that's important) but also by promoting what makes your company and your people great. 

So, what are other strategies companies can adopt to improve their online branding?

Tune in to this week's episode of While We Were Working to find out!

Joey and Summer also share their thoughts on why many companies are looking for alternatives to the traditional performance review process and a few tips on improving performance management.


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