3 Reasons Why Gen Z Workers Struggle with Burnout The Most

burnout burnout prevention gen z burnout Jun 29, 2022
Burnout Prevention Strategies

By 2023 Gen Z is expected to make up around 30% of the workforce. However, not unlike the Millennial Generation, Gen Z workers are already reporting high levels of burnout.

A recent survey revealed that 46% of Gen Z staff felt that they were constantly stressed out and anxious. So, what is causing Millennial and Gen Z workers to struggle with burnout?

One of the main culprits seems to be a lack of a proper work-life balance. Gen Z employees value flexibility and the option to work remotely. However, hybrid or remote work means many workers are missing out on some of the social aspects of working in the office: finding friends, potential mates, and creating meaningful connections.

Moreover, hybrid and remote employees often find themselves working at late hours, attending calls outside of work hours, and working on weekends to meet their quota.

So, an excelent strategy to reduce employee burnout as a small business owner is to promote a healthy work-life balance and set boundaries regarding working hours and workloads.

If you want to learn more, tune in to this week's episode of 'While We Were Working'!

Jumpstart HR Consultant Maria Thorpe joins Sommer to discuss the three main contributors to burnout symptoms in the younger generations and a few workplace wellness tips for small business HR.

Maria and Sommer also share their views on team accountability. You'll learn why so many small business owners fail to hold their team accountable, why it's detrimental to your business, and the benefits of implementing it properly.


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