5 HR Trends That Will Shape The Workplace In 2023

hr trends 2023 revolution of hr team management Jan 05, 2023
The Revolution of HR

From remote work arrangements to quiet quitting, we saw a significant shift in HR trends in 2022. 2023 will undoubtedly bring new challenges that HR teams need to tackle effectively to survive in an evolving environment. So, what trends will 2023 bring to the HR world?

To understand how the world of HR will change in 2023, it's crucial to look back at one of the most significant trends of 2022: quiet quitting.

Many understand quiet quitting as employees doing the bare minimum at work or even refusing to work. But in reality, this trend has a deeper meaning, and it's all about boundaries.

In 2022, people started realizing that so much of what we do at work impacts our ability to care for our physical, financial, and mental health. So, quiet quitting was, at the core, about setting boundaries and striving for a better work-life balance, which will undoubtedly continue to happen in 2023.

In fact, many suspect that in 2023, employees will be shifting from aiming for work-life balance towards work-life design, and as an employer, it's vital to be aware of this shift and act accordingly.

So, by paying attention to your employee's boundaries and providing a work environment that ensures everybody feels like they're an integral part of the company's success, you'll be in a great place to succeed in 2023. 

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Joey shares the 5 HR trends that will shape the workplace in 2023. He also reflects on the most significant HR trends we saw in 2022, the HR word of the year, and his predictions on how the workplace will evolve in 2023.


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