A.I. Recruitment Tools: Could They Get Your Business In Legal Trouble?

a.i. recruitment tools risks of a.i small business hr Aug 10, 2022
The Hidden Risks of A.I.

A.I. technologies have drastically revolutionized and improved how we do business. A.I. tools play a significant role in H.R. processes, used for resume scanning, video interviews, and cognitive and personality assessment scores. Some companies even use software that measures keystrokes or speech patterns to determine if they will move somebody forward in the applicant process.

As helpful as these tools might be, there's a significant downside to them that you should be aware of: A.I. tools can potentially get your business in legal trouble by implementing discriminatory practices during recruitment. So, what can small businesses do to avoid legal problems when using A.I. tools? 

Fortunately, the EEOC recently issued guidance regarding using software algorithms and artificial intelligence to assess job applicants and employees. 

The EEOC stated that screening out individuals with a disability who could otherwise perform that job with reasonable accommodation it's against the law. Even if you're using third-party software, you're not exempt from legal repercussions if the software screens out an individual due to their disability. 

So, the first step to prevent legal troubles when using these technologies for recruitment is to get familiar with the EEOC guidelines. Understanding how your third-party's tools and processes is also essential. Of course, you don't need to learn the technical details; it's about getting a solid idea of what these programs look for in applicants and how they make decisions.

If you want to learn more, tune in to this week's episode of 'While We Were Working'!

Sommer and Joey discuss A.I. tools in H.R.: how organizations use them, their benefits and risks, and some tips on preventing potential discriminatory practices.

Joey and Sommer also explore the culture brewing around false COVID test information in the workplace. Tune in to learn what to do if you suspect an employee is faking a test to take sick time and the pros and cons of requiring tests at work.

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