Are College Degrees Still Relevant For Hiring The Right Talent in 2022?

college degrees talent acquisition talent acquisition strategies May 19, 2022
Are College Degrees Still Relevant?

Companies have long used college degrees as a proxy for job competency and career readiness. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic labor shortage and the rise of remote work, numerous companies, especially in tech, are reconsidering their prerequisites for successful hires. 

For example, statistics show that 50% of IBM's US job offerings do not require a four-year degree. However, this trend is not exclusive to tech; other large non-tech companies have been trying upskilling and reskilling to address labor challenges. 

Suppose companies can build and develop skills internally after hiring instead of looking for candidates with a high level of proficiency in a given field. In that case, they can attract a wider pool of candidates - an advantage to hiring when everybody is jockeying for the same candidates.

Yet, in the small business space, hiring processes still seem to focus on what has worked in the past. So, should small businesses adapt and start considering the internal training and development pathway like big businesses joining the trend?

Listen to this week's episode of While We Were Working to find out!

You'll learn how to tackle this challenge as a small business and what to expect from this trend in the future.

Joey and Sommer share their views on the pros and cons of drug testing and criminal background checks in the workplace. 

While it's helpful to promote a culture of freedom in the workspace, it also needs to be a culture of boundaries around safety and judgment. Moreover, it would be best to prioritize reducing any risks to your business by ensuring you're always hiring the right people.

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