Big Tech's Hiring Freeze: Best Talent Acquisition Opportunity In 2022?

big tech small business hr tips talent acquisition tips Oct 20, 2022
Huge News For Startups

Companies with steady cash flow from variable products in the market are offering a rich paycheck to lower talent that would have otherwise preferred working at big tech firms, including Microsoft and Meta. So, what does big tech's hiring freeze mean for small businesses and startups?

Amid the current "war on talent," in which good workers are increasingly difficult to find, this is fantastic news for small businesses and startups - especially in tech.

Big tech's hiring freeze is a fantastic opportunity for tech startups to hire top talent and level up their products and services significantly. So, don't miss this unique opportunity if you're in the tech space!

However, your small business or startup can benefit significantly from big tech's hiring freeze, even if you're not a tech business. It's also your chance to improve your IT infrastructure, website, and online presence. 

If you want to learn more, watch/listen to this week's episode of 'While We Were Working'!

Joey shares his views on the implications of big tech's hiring freeze for small businesses, both from a talent acquisition standpoint and as an opportunity to level up your small business' IT infrastructure. 

Joey also discusses the four types of feedback conversations you should have with your team. Unfortunately, the current standard performance review process fails to promote employee engagement or excitement.

So, is there a way to fix the process to improve employee satisfaction and keep employees aligned with their goals?

Tune in to find out!

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