ChatGPT - The Revolutionary AI Chatbot That Could Change the Job Market

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It was only a few weeks ago that ChatGPT was released, and it has already been seen as a revolutionary technology that may change the job market as we know it. Actually, this tool could potentially replace thousands of jobs and even make search engines obsolete. 

For the time being, fans of innovation and technology mainly express both excitement and concern about this new technology.

ChatGPT is so advanced that it could potentially make search engines obsolete. It can write complex essays and even code, which has implications for the future of jobs in fields such as development, sales, and marketing. 

It’s hard to predict the exact extent to which it will affect different jobs. Still, some company owners have already started reconsidering hiring more marketers (or even replacing some of them) after they saw what ChatGPT could do. 

Also, it is currently free to use, which makes it something worth paying attention to from both an employment and commercialization standpoint.

So, will this technology make knowledge workers who currently do tasks such as writing copy and researching/compiling reports redundant? Or are human beings still irreplaceable in these positions?

Tune in for this week’s podcast to find out! 

In this episode, Joey and Sommer are also exploring the potential consequences of workplace romances and what steps organizations can take to address this tricky situation and prevent conflict of interest. 

Managers of an organization suspect a romance brewing between two co-workers - a team member and her boss. They often disappear for long periods during lunch breaks and have become quite chummy. 

While the company has no concrete proof of the romance, they're unsure how to handle it. They don't want to allow it, but they also don't have a written policy in place. So, the question is, what should they do?

Juicy topics, aren’t they? 

Brand new mind-blowing AI technology + love is in the ai… office = you definitely don’t want to miss this one!

Tune in right now!


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