Did Remote Work Ruin Workplace Etiquette?

employee management remote work workplace etiquette Sep 28, 2022
Did Remote Work Ruin Workplace Etiquette?

From cursing in team meetings to quitting with short notice, we're witnessing a decline in proper workplace etiquette - and many believe remote work is to blame. So, is that the case? How did we go from shaking hands in meetings to cursing or not showing up?

Let's begin by examining the role of remote work in the decline in workplace etiquette. We can all agree that Zoom calls feel much more informal than in-person communication. This explains why some people feel comfortable cursing or dressing inappropriately during a video meeting.

However, while many of these things are happening in the remote world, they're also happening in person. Yes, some of these behaviors may be in response to bad practices in recruiting or unclear communication expectations, but remote and hybrid environments undoubtedly exacerbate them.

So, is remote work the only culprit in the decline of workplace etiquette? Perhaps we shouldn't be so hasty to reach that conclusion. Many also blame the generational shift currently taking place in the workplace and The Great Resignation as potential causes. 

Regardless of what is actually causing the decline in workplace etiquette, the good news is that there are some steps small business HR teams can take to mitigate the adverse effects of bad manners at work. 

Like in most cases when it comes to managing employees, the sooner you set expectations and have conversations with your team about appropriate behavior - especially in a remote environment - the better off everybody will be. 

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Jumpstart HR Consultant Brittleigh Cox joins Sommer to discuss why proper workplace etiquette is getting worse, why it's problematic, and what small business HR teams can do about it.

Brittleigh and Sommer also discuss temporary wage increases. When a team member leaves the company, a common strategy is to get the rest of the team to pick up those duties and give them a temporary raise until a new worker is hired. But is this the best approach?

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You'll also learn how to manage this scenario properly, the potential downsides and dangers, and alternatives to wage increases.

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