Fast-Track Interview Scheduling To Hire Top Talent In 2022

job interviews talent acquisition talent acquisition strategies Aug 24, 2022
Hire Top Talent - Fast!

Economists recently announced that the 22 million jobs lost due to the pandemic have been recovered - and the job market is still growing. With 528,000 new jobs added to the market in July (significantly surpassing the original estimate of 258,000), what can small businesses do to remain competitive and hire top talent?

For instance, having customized job invite templates with a FAQ section is a simple yet effective way to fast-track your interview scheduling. No more wasting time answering each candidate's questions in endless back-and-forths! Instead, you can focus on scheduling interviews with potential matches.

Another way to fast-track interview scheduling is to define the job requirements up front clearly. As simple as this may sound, many hiring managers often neglect its importance, posting a job offer with a poor or vague definition of the job requirements. As a result, you often get many candidates who are not a good match, which ends up wasting time for everyone involved.

The takeaway here is: If you're not already doing any of these things - your competitors probably are. 

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Sommer and Joey discuss why it's essential for small businesses to fast-track their interview scheduling and provide some advice on how to optimize your hiring process to get the best candidates. 

Joey and Sommer also share tips on helping your team ease back into work after summer vacations. You'll learn the importance of improving the employee experience, how companies are doing it, and how you can support working parents in this back-to-school season.


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