How The Metaverse Will Shape The Future Of HR Technology

background checks hr technology metaverse small business hr Apr 06, 2022

What does the metaverse hold for small business HR?

As mega brands are starting to explore the metaverse's potential in retail, small companies need to ensure they're not getting left behind. 

Small business owners should be paying attention not only to the opportunities the metaverse will offer in terms of sales and marketing but also in HR technology. 

For example, it's possible to create a branded space in the metaverse as a digital hangout for your team to interact and socialize. Isn't it a more compelling option than long, tedious Zoom calls?

The immersive nature of the platform also provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade existing HR processes and technologies. Imagine being able to interview candidates in real-time and get them to show their personality in a virtual space that is not quite Zoom, not quite in person.

Another aspect of HR the metaverse could significantly improve is training and development.

Some companies are already training their employees using virtual reality to optimize routine tasks or simulate challenging scenarios. There is no reason why small businesses couldn't adopt the same strategy and upgrade their team building and employee development activities to a fun and exciting experience.

Still not convinced? We get it; as a small business owner, it's easy to find the idea of the metaverse as something still too far on the horizon or expensive to worry about at the moment.

However, small businesses may actually be in a better position than anyone to move swiftly and start action, for example, by leveraging the innovative technologies the platform can offer when it comes to growth and extending their online reach.

Do you want to learn more about how the metaverse will impact small business HR?

In this week's episode of While We Were Working, Sommer and Joey discuss what small business HR teams should know about the metaverse and how small businesses can get started in the space. Tune in now to find out more!

Joey and Sommer also explain all you need to know about background checks - how they work and why they're an essential part of the hiring process. You'll learn about the legal aspects of background checks and why there might be good reasons for improving that practice.


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