How To Prevent and Manage Burnout

burnout job burnout prevent and manage burnout Feb 15, 2022

After two years of being in a pandemic, burnout hits everybody in different ways, shapes and forms. 

Burnout affects not only your efficiency at work but your physical and mental health. So, what can we do to avoid it?

Today, we're joined by a special guest: Devin Fruzyna, a part of our team, to discuss how to prevent and combat burnout from personal and professional perspectives.

From the personal side, we'll discuss the importance of recognizing the problem and prioritizing self-care. 

Setting some time aside every day to eat lunch with loved ones, work out, or simply sit outside with your dog each day is essential.

These 'micro-chillers' will set you up for a better day and avoid that burnout, especially if you're working from home or in a hybrid environment.

From the organizational perspective, we examine the steps companies need to take to promote health and mental wellness in the workplace.

As an organization, you want people on your team committed to working hard. But you also need to steward those relationships well, reminding employees to take breaks and making sure their workload is reasonable.

Finally, we'll also share a few talent acquisition strategies employers can use to make the process more effective. Tune in now to learn more!

 You can listen to the podcast episode here


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