Is This the Solution to the Women's Labor Shortage?

non-traditional work schedules small business hr women's labor shortage Mar 09, 2022
Solving Women's Labor Shortage

It's no secret that the pandemic impacted women more severely than men. Women's absence from the workforce for extended periods wasn't necessarily a matter of choice but of necessity - having to take time off for childcare.

While men have been able to recoup their pandemic-related job loss, unfortunately, this hasn't been the case for women. A concerning report recently published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics states there are still more than 1 million fewer women in the workforce than in February 2020.

So, how can both large companies and small businesses address this issue?

This week, Joey and Summer dig into the Fortune article titled 'Women are Driving the Labor Shortage, and Experts Have Identified a Crucial Solution.' They discuss where the root of the women's labor shortage stems from and whether companies are taking enough action to solve it. 

You'll learn about why companies need to develop a strategy to support women, particularly when it comes to childcare, plus one solution companies are putting forward to reverse the post-pandemic women's labor shortage.

Finally, in this episode's 'Consultant's Corner,' Joey and Summer examine the pros and cons of companies adopting non-traditional work schedules. Are they doing more harm than good? 

Tune in now to find out!

 You can listen to the podcast episode here 

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