Managers Have Bigger Impact on Employee Mental Health than Therapists and Doctors

employee leave policies employee mental health mental health in the workplace Mar 08, 2023

A report by the Workforce Institute at UKG reveals that managers significantly impact their employees' mental health. In fact, the report found that managers have a greater influence on employee mental health than therapists or doctors and an equal influence to spouses and partners.

This may come as a surprise, but it makes sense when you consider that 60 percent of the employees surveyed indicated that their job was the most significant factor affecting their mental health.

The report revealed that the quality of the relationship between managers and employees is critical to employee mental health. Managers who demonstrate empathy, respect, and support for their employees can positively impact their mental health. 

Conversely, managers who are unsupportive, disengaged, or unresponsive to their employees' needs can have a detrimental effect on their mental health.

The major takeaway from this report is the importance of managers having the necessary training and resources to support their teams. Managers who are equipped with the tools and knowledge to support their employees' mental health are better positioned to foster a positive work environment and improve employee well-being.

In this episode, Sommer and Joey go through the eye-opening findings from this report and what it means for employers.

Best Practices for Developing Workplace Leave Policies 

In the ‘Consultant's Corner’ segment, we tackle the tangled web of developing leave policies.

Workplace leave policies are essential to ensure that employees can take time off when they need it without risking their jobs or pay. 

However, developing these policies can be complicated, especially when employees are scattered around different jurisdictions. Different regions have their own laws and regulations around leave entitlements, which can make it challenging for employers to provide fair and consistent policies for their workers.

In this section, we'll explore the best practices for developing workplace leave policies for employees scattered around different jurisdictions. We'll provide tips and strategies for ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations while also creating fair and equitable policies for all employees.

Let's dive in!

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