Office Romance Doesn't Have To Be An HR Nightmare

office romance small business hr small business hr tips Jul 13, 2022
Office Love: Good Or Bad?

Workplace dating can be a complex topic for small business HR teams since it happens regularly and is apparently on the rise: workplace romances increased by 6% during the pandemic. So, why is office romance so pervasive, and is it really an HR nightmare?

There are a few reasons why workplace romance is so typical. One is intimacy and familiarity; the more a person sees someone or something, the more disposed they are to like it - a psychological bias called the mere exposure effect.

Moreover, office romance is usually not frowned upon or considered unprofessional. A recent survey by the BBC revealed that 75% of the individuals who participated in it were okay with their colleagues dating, and 50% indicated that they were interested in a coworker at some point.

Do you want to learn more about office romance and managing it as a small business HR team? 

In this week’s episode of 'While We Were Working,' Sommer and Joey dscuss why office romance doesn't need to be an HR nightmare, when it could pose a risk to your business, and how to tackle the challenges it entails. 

You'll learn why relationships blossom so quickly in a work environment and the importance of setting expectations around workplace dating.

Joey and Sommer also explore the best HR digital transformation strategies and how going digital can significantly help you improve employee and customer experience.

Tune in to find out how to quickly optimize your small business by adopting digital tools and streamlining existing processes. 

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