Quiet Quitting: Should You Worry About This New Workplace Trend?

employee engagement employee management leadership skills Sep 14, 2022
Quiet Quitting Explained

What is 'quiet quitting'?

This topic has been popular on TikTok lately, in which employees share videos commenting about doing the bare minimum required at work. Should small business owners be worried about this trend?

The good news is that there's nothing new under the sun. If you're an HR professional, you might have dealt with this scenario before - 'quiet quitting' is just a new, catchy term for low employee engagement. Still, it's worth examining why it happens in order to identify and prevent it.

Many quiet quitters tend to blame the organization or their bosses, which in some cases is undoubtedly true. However, low engagement also happens because the employee is just not passionate about their job - which has nothing to do with their bosses or the company culture.

So, the challenge of dealing with quiet quitters is that each case is different and depends largely on context. To combat quiet quitting, then, managers need to develop a leadership style based on constant feedback and communication - the only way to know if an employee is quiet quitting is to have honest conversations with them.

Managers should also rely on feedback tools to actively identify areas for improvement and pay close attention to behavioral changes in the team or individuals. 

In short, quiet quitting is not a new phenomenon, and managers with solid communication and leadership skills will have the best chances of effectively dealing with disengaged employees.

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