Remote Jobs Are Here to Stay! What Can Small Businesses Do About It?

flexible arrangements remote jobs remote work Apr 27, 2022
Remote Jobs Are Here To Stay

According to a CareerBuilder survey, jobs that allow employees to work from home saw a substantially higher application rate than in-person jobs.

In another separate study, 50% of participants said that they would consider leaving their jobs if they felt like their employer asked them to return to the office too soon. 

Until a few months ago, you could argue that the main reason employees did not want to return to the office was the fear of catching the virus.

However, as coronavirus restrictions are being lifted, we still see employees choosing flexible work arrangements over in-person office attendance.

This begs the question - is still fear of catching covid the principal reason people are not keen on going back to the office? Or is there something else?

It isn’t entirely speculative to say that there’s been a significant shift in the way people relate to work due to the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, life used to revolve around work. But now, after working from home for two years, individuals are revolving work around life - and some jobs allow that to happen.

In short, remote work has undeniably become a more desirable option for a considerable part of the workforce, so organizations need to develop new strategies to attract and retain the right talent. 

Do you want to learn more?

Tune in to this week’s episode of While We Were Working!

Joey and Sommer share some tips on tackling this challenge as a small business, plus some of the unexpected benefits companies can get from remote work.

Additionally, Sommer and Joey discuss the legality of make-up time. Since regulations around make-up time vary from state to state, this topic can get confusing very quickly. You’ll learn some of the misconceptions around make-up time and a few overtime management strategies to help you avoid mistakes that could put your company at risk.


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