Should Small Businesses Bring Employees Back To The Office?

employee experience hybrid work remote work Sep 07, 2022
The End Of Remote Work?

Apple workers recently launched a petition against the company's reported return to office plan. If one of the most influential companies worldwide is getting pushback from its team, what does this mean for small businesses?

We're not going to lie - this topic can be tricky to navigate. Remote work is a recent phenomenon, so there's no right or wrong answer on how you should go about it. 

In Apple's case, employees argued that they didn't see the need to return to the office given the company's record profits in the last two years. Essentially, they said: 'If we are performing so well, why do we need to commute two hours to do the same thing in an office?'

It's undoubtedly a compelling argument, yet many organizations still have concerns about letting employees work remotely long-term. Some are worried that remote work could damage company culture or that the fact that employees don't want to return to the office means there's a deeper problem within the organization.

In other words, remote work seems to have improved employee satisfaction and productivity, but its long-term effects remain uncertain.

For now, our advice is: if your remote employees are performing well, offering that flexibility or negotiating a schedule that works for both sides is probably the best option. 

Finally, you should also promote teamwork and provide a fantastic employee experience in both office and remote settings. That way, remote work won't affect your company's culture or team cohesion.

If you want to learn more, tune in to this week's episode of 'While We Were Working'!

Sommer and Joey discuss the pros and cons of asking team members to return to the office. You'll learn what to do if your employees don't want to return to the office and how this issue plays out in the context of company culture and the employee experience.

Joey and Sommer also share all you need to know about employee handbooks; why you need one, what it should include, and some tips on creating the perfect employee handbook.

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