The Top 3 Employee Expectations HR Teams Should Be Aware Of In 2023

employee expectations small business hr tips workforce expectations Dec 22, 2022
Employee Expectations 2023

It's no secret that the pandemic drastically changed our relationship with work, and the idea of a healthy work-life balance and working for a purpose has come to the forefront for many people. So, how can small businesses ensure that they are meeting the needs of their team members in this evolving environment?

The first step is understanding how people's relationship with their jobs has changed. If you were to ask your team what they were looking for in a job a few years ago, compensation was still the number one answer.

But today, many people believe that meaningful work and purpose are becoming equally vital as compensation. Additionally, it's becoming increasingly critical for employees to know that their voice is heard and that their leaders will take action.

People need to know their work has meaning and matters, that they matter. As a small business owner, you better make that crystal clear if you want to earn their trust and keep them on board.

If you want to learn more about evolving employee expectations and what you should do to address them, tune in to this week's episode of 'While We Were Working!'

Sommer and Joey discuss the top 3 workforce expectations you should be aware of in 2023, how this shift has happened, and what you can do to retain your best talent. 

Joey and Sommer share a few tips to have a great holiday party; the do's and don'ts, how to keep your employees on their best behavior, and the best way to have a memorable holiday party.

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