The Truth About Performance Improvement Plans

employee performance performance improvement plans Mar 16, 2022
The Truth About PIPs

We have a very special episode for you today!

To recognize Women's History Month, we thought it would be fun to give Joey the day off and have an all-women hosts episode.

Maria Thorpe, an HR Consultant at Jumpstart HR, joins Sommer today to discuss Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs). Small business HR teams and managers usually think of PIPs as a way to fire employees. But it doesn't have to be that way!

HR teams can indeed create effective PIPs to help employees grow and succeed instead of letting them go, and the first step entails finding out the root of the issue.

Is vital for HR teams to ask questions like 'What conversations have previously occurred to let this employee know that they're underperforming? Have they been given opportunities to improve?'

More often than not, that answer is no. Moreover, not every employee will understand what to do in their day-to-day job; sometimes, they need a little bit of extra help from their team or their manager. Unfortunately, many HR teams and managers tend to overlook this side of the problem when employees are underperforming.

Performance problems are particularly persistent with small businesses growing from a few employees to hiring outside their initial network. During that process, they often neglect the training and development of their staff. Employees are left on 'autopilot,' and that's where performance issues tend to arise.

So, what makes an effective PIP?

In essence, an effective performance improvement plan helps you define expectations and create opportunities to allow the employee to meet those expectations. 

If you want to find out more about best practices for incorporating a performance improvement plan, make sure to tune in to this week's episode of While We Were Working!

Maria and Sommer also share their views on the new IRS guidelines for family leave under the FFCRA. You'll learn how these updates might apply to you and the importance for small businesses to be proactive when filing taxes.


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