Top HR Trends Small Businesses Should Look Out For In 2023

future of hr hr trends 2023 small business hr tips Oct 26, 2022
HR Trends 2023

As the role of HR evolves, HR teams must acquire new skills and an agile approach to work to meet the expectations companies and employees are placing on them.

From inflation to 'quiet quitting,' the challenges the future holds for HR teams demand preparation and strategic thinking. So, what HR trends should small businesses pay attention to in 2023?

Perhaps the most significant of these HR trends is the rise of remote work and flexible work arrangements - a crucial aspect of talent acquisition and retention in a post-pandemic world.

In a highly competitive job market, small businesses offering workplace flexibility will undoubtedly possess a valuable advantage regarding talent acquisition over those who don't. But what does 'workplace flexibility' actually entail?

For most employees, workplace flexibility means being able to fit their work around their daily life. Examples of such arrangements would be allowing employees to work some days remotely and shifting towards a more flexible schedule.

While we recognize that not every company or business can offer this type of flexibility, providing your team members with the opportunity to live their best life while still being high performers goes a long way.

The good news is that more large companies are venturing into the hybrid or fully remote environment with positive results. So, if you can provide your team with flexible work arrangements, you'll have a better chance of hiring and retaining the best talent.

If you want to learn more, don't miss this week's episode of 'While We Were Working'!

Joey and Sommer discuss how training and development techniques are expected to change in 2023, workplace flexibility, and inflation's influence on retention. 

They also discuss the pros and cons of drug testing in the workplace, particularly regarding marijuana. Is it beneficial for small businesses to conduct regular drug tests, or do they cause more harm than good?

Tune in to find out!

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