Top Talent Tips For Small Business Owners In 2022

talent acquisition talent attraction & retention talent tips Dec 27, 2022
Talent Attraction & Retention Tips

2022 was a year of unprecedented challenges and trends in the world of HR. From hybrid and remote work environments to the metaverse, we witnessed a significant shift in HR practices and how we think about work. 

However, the fierce war for talent undoubtedly takes the prize as the most prominent HR topic in 2022. So, as 2022 comes to a close, Sommer and Joey share the top takeaways around talent attraction and retention from the 'While We Were Working' podcast this year. 

From stay interviews to the discussion around the relevance of college degrees in today’s workplace, it’s crucial for small business owners to be aware of these HR trends in order to attract and keep the best talent. Moreover, it’s also a good idea to reevaluate some of the HR practices you might be currently doing that could be outdated or even actively harming your company. Remember, if you’re not doing it, your competitor probably is.

So, tune in to learn more about the talent strategies that worked the best for small businesses in 2022, the top HR trends that 2022 brought, and how to remain competitive in 2023.

You’ll also find out the best strategies to improve talent retention for parents, the modern philosophy for hiring talent, why talent development is more important than ever, and more!

Are you ready to win the war for talent in 2023?

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