When Remote Work Goes Too Far: The Ugly Side of WFH

arbitration agreement arbitration agreements the ugly side of wfh working from home Mar 01, 2023

California's at it again!

The 9th court of Appeal has struck down California's law that outlawed mandatory arbitration agreements that just recently changed.

This ruling strengthens employers' entitlement to demand an effectively-drawn up arbitration agreement prior to employment, as well as preserves their right to keep up with or modify existing arbitration programs.

An arbitration agreement is a clause in an employment contract where an employee and an employer agree to settle their grievances out of court instead of going on trial.

Arbitration in the workplace is an area that is still not understood by many employers and employees.

Tune in to this episode as we look at the best practices to implement arbitration agreements in employment contracts and some things you shouldn't take to arbitration.

In the ‘Consultants Corner’, we discuss a situation from a letter we received recently. An employee goes to another country for a medical procedure. The employer wants them to return, but the employee wants to work remotely from where they are.

We have even seen some destinations try to lure remote workers into relocating. This is definitely a problem that will only become bigger with remote working. Some employers offered remote working as a benefit without realizing the full consequences of such a policy.

Joey and Sommer share their perspectives on this issue and how to strengthen your sick and remote working policies.

Tune in!

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