Why Employee Experience Will Be Crucial in 2022

employee experience employee experience tips 2022 improve employee experience Feb 23, 2022
Why Employee Experience Will Be Crucial in 2022

In the wake of 'The Great Resignation,' organizations are starting to understand the importance of optimizing the employee experience. However, keeping the workforce engaged without creating risk for the organization can be challenging, especially for small businesses.

So, what can organizations do to improve the employee experience?

The main problem with employee experience is that most small business HR teams do not fully understand it.

There are five stages of the employee experience, and to succeed in 2022, organizations should be making the process easier, faster, and more enjoyable for the individual in each of them. Let's look at what the five stages of the employee experience entail.

  1.   Recruitment

The employee experience during the recruitment stage is all steps that lead to hiring that new employee, including the job interview process and the offer. 

  1.   Onboarding

This step is the ramp-up to helping the employee become a fully productive team member and connect with the brand. 

  1.   Development

This stage is where you're helping your employees grow their skills, seeing their potential within the company, and leveraging it.

Development is an area where many companies miss the mark, focusing more on recruitment and onboarding processes and not enough on helping their current employees grow.

Organizations must understand that not having enough support during the development stage is one of the main reasons team members leave. 

  1.   Retention

Here's when employees are fully ramped, staying connected to the brand and the company vision. Retention happens when your employees feel supported by their managers and team members and further develop their skills.

  1.   Exit

While you hope that you never get there, companies need to ensure the best possible employee experience all the way through that departure. 

If you want to learn more about why the employee experience needs to be a top priority in 2022, the steps organizations can take, and the tools they can use to improve it, tune in to this week's episode!


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