Why You Might Need To Reevaluate Your Remote Work Policy

flexible arrangements remote work small business hr Apr 13, 2022

49% of HR leaders believe their company lost employees in 2021 due to an inadequate remote work policy, while 41% of workers who switched jobs say flexibility to work from home was a reason to change employment. 

These stats show how flexible work arrangements have become vital for talent acquisition and retention. But as a small business owner, they're also a warning - your remote work policy might need to be updated.

Having employees working in different states where you're not legally registered to be conducting business could cause many compliance and tax issues for your company.

And as the volume of remote work increases, small business HR teams need to keep track of where their employees are working from and keep all employee files updated.

However, many small businesses still don't have a remote work policy designed to register and approve where their remote employees are working from.

For example, say an employee wants to move to a different state. In this case, the process would begin by reviewing whether the company is registered to do business in that state.

If so, getting approval won't be much trouble. Otherwise, the process becomes way more complicated since there are costs and time associated with the company registering in a new state. 

As you can see, developing a remote work policy can be challenging, but the effort is worth it - especially when you think of the nightmare of tax and legal issues you'll be avoiding.

So, what does a successful remote work policy look like?

Tune in to this week's episode of 'While We Were Working' to find out!

Joey and Sommer also discuss what small companies can do to enhance or create their employee benefits policies. You'll learn which benefit portfolio is the best for your company, how to set up a contribution arrangement plan for your employees, and more!

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