012: Why Job Applications Are Not Dead

Are job applications still relevant?

In the digital age, many small business owners consider job applications a thing of the past and rely on job board submissions or resumes instead.

However, doing away with job applications can negatively impact your business, and in this episode, Joey and Sommer explore why. Tune in to learn the importance of job applications and the benefits of using them as an employer.

Joey and Sommer also discuss the recent adoption of data analytics to strengthen federal HR - and why you should incorporate data collection as part of your HR strategy. Finally, you'll learn some small steps that you can take to improve your small business' DEIA plan.


Key Takeaways

- Are job applications dead? (00:00)

- High, low, buffalo (01:48)

- 3 trends driving adoption of data analytics in federal HR (06:27)

- Why you should use an employment application as an employer (12:49)

- The best time to insert a job application in a job search process (19:49)

- Job application red flags (21:38)

- Is having a degree necessary as a job candidate? (24:23)


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