014: Why Employee Experience Will Be Crucial in 2022

What can organizations do to improve the employee experience without neglecting regulatory obligations?

In the wake of 'The Great Resignation,' organizations are starting to understand the importance of optimizing the employee experience. However, keeping the workforce engaged without creating risk for the organization can be challenging for HR teams.

In today's episode, Joey and Sommer discuss why the employee experience needs to be a top priority in 2022, the steps organizations can take, and the tools they can use to improve it.

Joey and Summer also discuss the importance of I-9 compliance, plus best practices and recommendations for small business owners. Tune in to learn more!


Key Takeaways

- Why employee experience will be crucial in 2022 (00:00)

- High, low, buffalo (01:34)

- The five stages of employee experience (06:30)

- What organizations can do to optimize employee experience (09:48)

- The importance of I-9 compliance (14:44)

- How to improve your onboarding experience (20:00)


Additional Resources

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